Palindrome is a dance company

Founded in New York City in 1982, Palindrome moved to Germany in 1991, first Nürnberg, and then Weimar, where they remain busy with choreographic matters. Its founder and artistic director Robert Wechsler applies his fascination with science and technology to the art of dance. As the computer age dawned in the 1990's, Palindrome was a pioneer in the use of interactive technology, creating dance pieces and operas earning them critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Palindrome won first prize at the Berlin Transmediale, first prize at CynetArt Dresden and, most recently, a special recognition award from the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech University.

Since 2012, most of Palindrome's activities have surrounded the MotionComposer, an inclusive musical expression device for persons of all abilities.  Palindrome is responsible for its artistic content.

Interactive Technology

Since their inception, Palindrome has been concerned with interaction -- which means a back-and-forth of impulse and expression. Everyone knows that dance and music are connected, but what is that connection? Nietzsche said, "We hear music with our muscles!" Somehow music _is_ dance, and yet as natural as this may seem, no one really understands it -- at least not in any scientific way. With the help of new technology, Palindrome explores this mysterious and delightful connection.

The Team

In 2022, the creative team includes composers, dancers, designers and therapists -- some of whom are also engineers!  Andreas Bergsland, Josepha Dietz, Ekmel Ertan, Delphine Lavau, Ives Schachtschabel, Philipp Schmalfuss, Frieder Weiss and others. As mentioned above, they work in close association with MotionComposer GmbH.

A Little History

Palindrome has appeared at theaters, museums and festivals of dance, video, electroacoustic music and art around the world. 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin, 2018; HI:Dance Festival, Rome, 2015, 16 ; New-York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2014; AMBER Festival, Istanbul, 2008, 2014; Centre Culturel Saint Exupéry, Reims in France; Zentrum für Kunst u. Medien Technologien (ZKM) in Karlsruhe; Transmediale, Berlin, Gasteig Theater München; STEPS Festival Switzerland; Ludwigsforum, Aachen; Staatsschauspiel Dresden; Deutsche National Theater, Weimar; The Place Theater, London; Washington Square Theater, NYC; Forum für Neue Musik Stuttgart and venues and festivals in Budapest, Prague, Tokyo, Oslo, and Buenos Aires.

Palindrome and its artists have been invited to international conferences, including  among which Ringvorlesungsreihe, Hochschule für Musik, Hamburg, 2018; MOCO London, 2017; ORFF Institute, Salzburg, Austria, 2016; NIME, 2004, 2009, 2012, 2015; ICMC 2014, 2010, 2008; CynetArt, Dresden, 2006, 2010, 2014; Hörzu, Bremen, 2007, 2008; ISEA, 2006.


2017 - Guthman Musical Instrument Competition,"Special Recognition Award"
2016 - Leben Pur, Innovationspreis 2015
2006 - Jury Selection, Monaco Dance Forum
2002 - Berlin Transmediale, First Prize best interactive art
2001 - CyNetArt Dresden, First Prize for best multimedia creation
1999 - City of Nuremberg, Innovation Prize
1982 - Fulbright Fellowship (Robert Wechsler)

Contact / Impressum

Palindrome Dance Company e.V.
Lärchenweg 29
99428 WEIMAR

+49 179 511 0400

Vereinsregister Nr.: 131385 (Weimar, Germany)
UstrNr: 162/142/10588 - Finanzamt Jena
Bank: Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
EU VAT Number: DE 222 858 331
IBAN: DE3282 0510 0001 6305 5394

Palindrome is a non-profit cultural organization, registered in Germany and in the United States.
It is a membership organization with a Board of Directors.

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