Over their history, Palindrome has received support from many places.  The most recent (and among the largest) are listed below. In the past, Palindrome has also received support from the Goethe Institute, the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Bavarian Association for Contemporary Dance (Bayrischer Landesverband für Zeitgenössischen Tanz), the city of Nuremberg, and earlier still, from the Marhall Fund and National Endowment for the Arts in the United States.  Many private individuals have also come to aid.  Donations are tax-deductible and are always greatly welcomed.

TAB Projekt

From 2017-2019, Palindrome is operating under a generous grant from the Thuringia Development Bank in Erfurt, Germany, with the title, "Motion activation through music generation using 3D scanning".  The partners include Fraunhofer Institute IOF, Grenzenlos e.V., and Lucas Electronics.

This research project is described in more detail under the "Research" section of this website.


From 2015-2017, Palindrome was part of  MetaBody, a project of the EU Cultural Commission.

METABODY is a European project, Forum and Institute coordinated by Jaime del Val the non-profit organization Reverso, that since 2013 questions the homogenisation of expressions induced by current information and control technologies, which place unprecedented threats to plurality and to fundamental rights and freedoms by reducing our actions to predictable behaviours, and proposes to reinvent them highlighting the role and diversity of embodied expression through a new concept of interactive architecture that transforms in all its physical and digital aspects, constituting dynamic, participatory and performative environments for outdoors and indoors, an emergent and indeterminate space, a METATOPIA.

This research project is described in more detail under the "Research" section of this website.