2010 - DNT studiobühne, Weimar.   Choreography:  Robert Wechsler   Music:  Pablo Palacio   Interactive Video Mapping: Stefan Kraus   Dancer: Daniela Komedera

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Jenseits der Schatten

2014  -  Composed by Vladimir Tarnopolsky, directed by Robert Wechsler and with interactive video by Freider Weiss, Jenseits was originally created for the Bonn City Opera. In 2014 it was re-staged at the Stanislovsky Theater in Moscow, and again at Garayev Festival in Baku, Azerbaidjan.

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La Danse II

2014 - Named after the famous Matisse painting by the same name, this was a collaboration with the renowned experimental cellist Madeleine Shapiro and Andreas Bergsland. It was performed at the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival in 2014. Dance: Annika Dörr, Jossia Clement, Teoma Naccarato.

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Song Shan Mountain

2014 - Solo, performed at ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in Athens, Greece. The vocals, which are from a classical Chinese poem from the same name, were recorded for us by opera singer Fang-hao. Thanks to Eugenia Arsenis for her help.

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2013 - In Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind prophet of Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years. The performers are Annika Dörr and Thomas Mader. Thomas is, in real life, blind.

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Everyone Finds Someone

2016  -  Hi>Dance Festival, Aosta, Italy. This was an inclusive performance – with both professional dancers and actors, and persons with other abilities. Palindrome’s second time at Hi>Dance :).

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2015  -  At the invitation of NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Baton-Rouge, USA. Andreas Bergland (composer) and Robert Wechsler (choreographer). Thank you to our wonderful student dancers!

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7 Memories

2009 - "7 Memories" re-counts what I have learned about motion tracking -- it combines excerpts from 7 earlier interactive pieces, and makes them into a solo of memories.  It was made for a festival in Taiwan, and again in Columbus, Ohio, together with students of Ohio State University.  

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The Oklo Phenomenon

2008 - This evening-long piece had two versions:  one in the Fertigungshalle, Nürnberg, and one at AMBER Festival in Istanbul. "A funny piece about serious catastrophes" - Nürnberg Nachrichten Its a kind of autobiography... Its a piece about what it takes to change one's life. Sometimes it takes a catastrophe. Sometimes it only takes a […]

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